Water is the driving force of all nature." These words by Leonardo da Vinci perfectly capture the essence of Evian water, now within reach at Par Empire, your reliable FMCG wholesaler.  

Imagine a sip of water that feels like a splash of pure nature—refreshing, hydrating, and untouched by anything but the natural world. Evian isn't just any water; it's a special kind, sourced from a unique spring that embodies the essence of simplicity. No extra flavors, no fancy add-ons—just the pure goodness of nature in every drop.  

What Makes Evian Water Special? 


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Evian is not just water; it's water the way nature intended. Sourced from a uniquely blessed spring, it's always refreshing and naturally hydrating.  

No taste enhancers, no extras—just the pure, natural elixir that brings you closer to your peak well-being. 

The Benefits of Evian Water 

Beyond its refreshing taste, Evian offers numerous benefits. Its natural mineral composition contributes to its unique taste profile and can complement a balanced diet.  

With zero calories, it's a guilt-free choice for hydration, making it a preferred option for health-conscious individuals. 

Par Empire: Your Trusted FMCG Wholesaler 

This extraordinary water is now within your reach, thanks to your trusted FMCG wholesaler in UAE: Par Empire.  

But why choose Par Empire for your Evian Water supply? It's simple: quality, quantity, and convenience.  

The three pillars that ensure your business gets the best, always. 

Stock Up Now for Success 

Your business shelves deserve the best, and that's why they must have Evian Water. Choose from the available options: 




24pcs x 330ml 

2880 cases in a 40' Carton 


24pcs x 500ml 

1920 cases in a 40' Carton 


8pcs x 1.5L 

 2072 cases in a 40' Carton 



Why choose Par Empire? 

At Par Empire, we understand that your business deserves the finest. That's why we offer quality Evian Water in quantities that match your demand, all with the convenience of easy procurement. 

Act Now – Grab Your Bottles! 

The stock is available, and your shelves are waiting to be adorned with the simplicity and freshness that Evian Water brings. Book your stock now at Par Empire and offer your customers the best in hydration. Don't miss the chance to redefine refreshment and elevate your business to new heights! 


Evian water isn't just a beverage; it's a glimpse into the purity and simplicity of nature. Its journey from the heart of the French Alps to your fingertips offers more than hydration—it's an experience, a connection to nature's unadulterated beauty. 

Evian remains a symbol of purity, a celebration of simplicity, and a choice for those seeking a taste of nature's finest. So why wait? Come grab your stock today, because your customers deserve the purest sip of nature.