Gulfood 2023, the - World's largest annual food and beverage event, is approaching. It will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from February 20 to February 24, 2023.

The event will include diverse innovative products and over 5000 exhibitors from over 120 countries.

Businesses in the food and beverage sector are eagerly waiting to attend Gulfood Dubai, as it is generating a lot of buzz in the industry.

Build your Brand at Gulfood 2023

Gulfood is nothing more than a place that can assist you in expanding and achieving new heights for your brand. Businesses and startups can make a big splash and attract a lot of attention from people and potential clients.

Expand your network

Traders in the food and beverage industry can use this prestigious exhibition, Gulfood 2023, as a platform to network with 75,000 international buyers and dealers.

Establish a global presence

People from all over the world are attending this mega food and beverage event, so this is your prime opportunity to attract the interest of the most knowledgeable and well-known professionals in the industry worldwide.

Food & Beverages- a high-growth market

With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3%, the global market for food and beverages increased from $6,729.54 billion in 2022 to $7,221.73 billion in 2023. At a CAGR of 6.3%, the market for food and beverages is projected to reach $9,225.37 billion in 2027.

Foods and drinks that boost immunity are becoming increasingly popular, and organic foods are on the rise. In addition, advances in food technology, social media, and digital marketing are contributing to this growth.

Invest in this growing sector to secure your share

At Gulfood UAE, companies and traders in the global food industry can network and compare prices, quality, services, dependability, and consistency. For the reasons listed below, Gulfood is beneficial to your company:

• Connects you to prestigious buyers 

• Gives the chance to gain knowledge from peers and industry leaders

• Ensures that transactions are made in a secure environment with good communication and that all hygienic standards are observed.

The newest styles, tastes, and technological advancements in the food and beverage sector will be displayed at Gulfood Event 2023. Traders may be able to network with industry leaders and transact high-value business. They can discover the most recent technological advancements and digital adoption that will shape the F&B industry's future.

The food and beverage industry's top performers and professionals from all over the world will attend this event. There will be seminars where newly founded businesses can learn from professionals and even train with them. Additionally, a variety of mouthwatering cuisines from around the world will be featured.

Visitors can take away a lot of useful information from this exhibition in addition to enjoying the flavours, food concepts, and gadgets.

Overview of exhibitors/visitors – Gulfood 2022

There will be exhibiting companies as well as foreign exhibitors at the event. The event will feature a wide range of food items, beverages, bakery products, vegetables and fruits, dairy supplies, canned food, chilled edibles, refrigeration units, display systems, tableware, food machinery, additives, safety equipment, flavors, starches, food accessories, fats and oils, and emulsifiers.

Bottom Line

The most anticipated event in the world right now is Gulfood 2023, so don't risk missing it. At Booth No. HP 197 Mustaqbal Plaza, is where we will meet you. Join us.