Gulfood 2023, touted as the world's largest food and beverage event, was held from February 20th to 24th, 2023, at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. The event was characterized by its grandeur and magnitude, with over 5,000 brands from 120+ countries occupying a space of over 1 million square feet over the course of five days. 

The atmosphere at Gulfood 2023 was nothing short of captivating, as the exhibition space was alive with the vibrancy and energy of industry professionals, exhibitors, and visitors alike. The event offered a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the food and beverage industry to connect, collaborate and share insights on emerging trends, technologies and innovative practices 

Gulfood 2023 - The World’s Largest F&B Event 


Gulfood 2023, was a highly successful event that brought together exhibitors, buyers, and industry professionals from around the world. 


The event showcased the latest products, technologies, and services in the food and hospitality industry, with various sectors represented, including  

  • Food and beverage 
  • Hospitality 
  • Foodservice, and equipment 


Exhibitors showcased their products, services, and innovations to a global audience, and visitors had the opportunity to network, learn about new industry trends, and make business deals. 


The event was well-organized, with a range of features and services provided to ensure the smooth running of the event. These included transportation and accommodation for exhibitors, security services, and other event services. The venue, Dubai World Trade Center, was spacious and well-equipped, providing ample space for exhibitors to showcase their products and for visitors to move around comfortably. 


The Main Highlights of the Event  


In addition to the exhibition, the event featured different  

  • Seminars 
  • Workshops 
  • educational sessions 


which provided attendees with insights into the latest developments in the food and hospitality industries. These sessions were informative and engaging, with speakers from a range of backgrounds sharing their knowledge and expertise. 


Overall, Gulfood 2023 was a significant event for the food and hospitality industries, providing a platform for industry players to connect, collaborate, and explore new business opportunities. The event was well-received by exhibitors and visitors alike, and it is expected to have a positive impact on the industry in the coming months and years. 


Par Empire’s Experience at Gulfood 2023 


Gulfood proved to be a valuable platform for Par Empire as we sought to expand our network and explore new opportunities in the food and beverage industry. The event was a treasure trove of connections, ideas, and insights, and we were fortunate to have had the chance to engage with a diverse range of industry professionals from around the world.  


Through our participation in the event, we were able to forge meaningful connections with potential partners and collaborators, while also gaining invaluable knowledge on emerging trends and technologies in the industry. The benefits of our participation in Gulfood were clear, as we returned home with a wealth of new connections and insights that are sure to help us thrive and grow in the years ahead. 


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